The last thing a seller wants is to be left out of the loop, or feeling that they didn’t get as much money as they could have. Here’s how we at Vantage avoid these disappointments.

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Here are the top three reasons people report being disappointed with their last real estate agent:

The agent communicated poorly. Just as in every other aspect of business and life relationships, a failure to consistently and clearly communicate can be disruptive. For sellers, there’s nothing worse than being left in the dark; we’ve found that sellers need to be very connected to the process. Here’s how we accomplish that:

  1. Lightning-fast feedback — as soon as we know, we let you know
  2. Market updates —…

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There are three approaches to pricing a property. Learn what they are right here.

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There are ultimately three different strategies we can use to price a property to sell on the market. Whenever we meet with our sellers, we ask them to think about which one is most applicable to their situations.

First, we could underprice the property anywhere from 3% to 5% below the comparable homes that have sold in your area. This would help to sell your home quickly, and you’ll often get top dollar; lower asking prices typically generate multiple-offer situations. There are some risks involved in this strategy, however. If there isn’t a multiple-offer situation, you might end up selling your home for…

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How do you choose the right agent for the job of selling your home? There are 10 key questions you should ask before hiring any real estate professional.

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There are 10 questions you should ask when interviewing a real estate agent for the task of selling your home. Interviewing multiple agents before you choose one to work with on the sale of your home will be critical to your success. Doing so will help you determine who is most worthy of taking your largest asset to market. To learn more, watch the short video at the top of the page. 

"Interviewing agents will help you determine who is most worthy of taking your largest asset to market."

If you have any questions or would like more…

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If you want to sell your home for the most money possible, getting multiple offers is a great way to go. Here are five steps you need to take before listing your home to ensure that happens.

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Recently, sellers have been calling us, asking, “How do we make sure our home sells with multiple offers?” Today I’m going to address five steps you can take to increase your chances of receiving multiple offers on your listing.

  1. It begins with a consultation. You’ll want to schedule a consultation with a real estate professional well in advance of listing because it revolves around things you can do to the property to raise its value. This includes things like painting, minimization, altering decor,…

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Tips for hiring a home stager

If you are in the market to sell your Kelowna home, one of the best decisions you can make is to use the services of an experienced and professional home stager. Hiring a home stager is nearly as important to your home's desirability as an experienced, and the reputable real estate agent is to the selling of your home. Choosing to work with a home stager as part of your property's marketing team can help you realize your real estate goals much faster than an unstaged home, and although it comes at a premium, it could help your listing sell faster and for more money than an unstaged home. 

Finding the most suitable professional to help set your listing apart from the rest is not an easy task, so here are 10 helpful questions to ask before hiring a…

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Selling your home before Christmas

When many buyers start to think about selling their home, they decide to hold off until summer. Summer is often recognized as the busiest and most successful time to sell your home. However, contrary to popular belief, many buyers are looking for houses in the winter. January has more relocations than any other month throughout the year, so for many buyers and sellers, winter is a necessary time to start looking at the housing market. It’s also the time when new semesters start in universities and schools kick off a fresh term. It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, and it’s also a great time to move into a new home. If you’ve been considering selling, here are five reasons to sell your Kelowna home during the holidays.

Cheerful Curb…

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Multiple offers don’t just happen by chance, there is actually a science behind vastly improving your odds of getting a bidding war on your property. If you watched my last video on what to do in advance of listing you know that an appraisal, a pre-inspection and a staging consultant should be brought in before the marketing starts.  Now there’s the MLS launch date and that’s where things start for most agencies marketing plan, at Vantage we believe that the 7 days leading up to the listing launch are the most important. There are a number of ways that we can start creating awareness and excitement for the listing using coming soon sign toppers, social media blasts, networking within the team and exposure to a large database of buyers and select agents.…

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 Let AJ fill you in on the top 3 things you can do to prepare your home for sale for the most money and quickest sale.

Host: A.J. Hazzi of Vantage West. We promised to give three tips on how to get more value in selling your home. So what are they?

A.J.: Sure. Well, what you want to do is get way ahead of it. About five to six weeks before you're gonna sell your home, have somebody come over, an agent that specializes in maybe flipping homes, something like that, to give you some consultation on what you can do before you list the property to get it in tip-top shape. Five to ten grand before taking the home to market will usually result in anywhere from 10 to 30,000 more in the sale price by spending the money in the right spots.

Host: So…

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Must Do 1: Consult a professional REALTOR®

As I stated in an earlier blog titled “Sellers: 3 Must-Ask Questions for Your Realtor”, if you’re planning on selling and looking at doing some improvements beforehand, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting a consultation first. Talk to the pros. Professionals know the market, where it’s heading, what buyers are seeking, and how to help those buyers tick off all the right boxes in the most cost effective ways. The most important strategy is to base your decisions on what buyers are looking for. You must not base your renovation decisions on your own personal tastes – your likes and dislikes. The key is to make those choices based on what the broadest range of buyers are looking for so you can…

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