Buying Investment Property in Kelowna, BC

Find out how you can afford an income producing property and start generating positive cash flows.

Are you looking to build some passive income, increase equity and diversify your investments? If so, we can help. Our team of experienced Kelowna real estate investing professionals aren't just educated advisors, we're also avid rental property investors.

Savvy investors like yourself know the key to financial freedom is to use a combination of personal capital and financial leverage (the bank's money) to create passive income to fund your desired lifestyle. Creating passive income through real estate investment is one of the most obtainable and rewarding paths. One of the major benefits of the market we have seen over these past 4 years – and the market we likely will experience this upcoming decade – is that the three largest factors in achieving positive cash-flow have converged to create an amazing opportunity for Kelowna real estate investors.

Is Now the Time to Invest in Kelowna Real Estate?

  1. Interest rates are still relatively low and that means low monthly payments – which is one main reason you as an investor can achieve positive cash-flow.
  2. A moderate drop in property values coupled with low-interest rates means your payments are low enough to create a monthly surplus through rental income. If you take advantage and buy while prices are low, you'll also stand to benefit from a significant property value appreciation.
  3. The rental market has remained strong, due in part to stricter lending requirements by the federal government, keeping roughly 15% more of the population in the rental market and away from home ownership. Kelowna’s vacancy rate has remained below 5% while rents remain high – which helps keep your rental units producing a healthy monthly income.

What’s in It for Me?

What exactly are the benefits you glean from working with a real estate consultant who understands the nuances of the real estate market, has experience managing rental properties, and who speaks the language of an investor?

To begin with you will tap into the vast knowledge and experience of our Vantage West Realty consultants who all have growing portfolios of their own and are true students of investment real estate.

We can help you find an ideal income property with the right features and location to attract tenants and maximize the return of your real estate investments. When it comes time to negotiate the best possible purchase or sale price for your investment properties – we'll also play hardball for you.

Benefits to Vantage West Realty Investor Clients

  1. Priority access to the best cash flow deals on Kelowna real estate (often before they even hit the MLS listing system). These are properties a Vantage West Realty specialist has determined may yield phenomenal returns.
  2. Peace of mind. We remove the confusion and guess work by demonstrating to you actual cash on cash returns a property will generate and give you all the necessary information for you to make a truly informed decision.
  3. Two heads are better than one. Gain access to creative ways of boosting cash-flow and returns through programs like reverse rent to own and other "tried tested and true" techniques to boost income, reduce expenses and minimize vacancies. We share with you all the closely guarded strategies we use on our own personal portfolios.
  4. We can align you with the best mortgage products specific to investors. If you own multiple properties you likely know how hard it can be to obtain financing for the next great deal. Certain banks are more investor friendly than others and we are willing to share our list. By having a specialist advise you from day one, you are sure to have the correct foundation to build your real estate empire.
  5. You get to "Join the Club"! Owning real estate comes with it's own set of challenges and responsibilities. You will have the dream team working behind you while you grow your net worth. You will be welcomed into our entire team of professionals from home inspectors, financial advisors, insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants and our property management company.

Find out how you can afford an income producing property and start generating positive cash flows.

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Struggling to Find a Good Investment Property in This Market?

Click here to learn more about Cash Offer Canada, a real estate investment opportunity for professional investors.

Cash Offer focuses on pooling capital to invest in Okanagan real estate, aiming to capture opportunities from motivated sellers in today's shifting market. With a portfolio currently valued at $15M and plans to raise an additional $5M, Cash Offer targets distressed sale properties, offering rent-to-own options to displaced buyers and yielding up to a 25% margin through strategic purchasing and rental agreements – all while mitigating downside risk.

Unlike real estate investment trusts (REITs), Cash Offer Canada LP operates as a limited partnership fund for accredited investors, pooling capital specifically for joint ventures in Okanagan real estate.

The Vantage West Realty team are your Kelowna investment advisors. We can help you determine when, where, and what to buy to see the greatest return on investment. Whether you're just starting to build your portfolio or are lookin to buy your tenth property, we can help. Give us a call today at 250.717.3133.