Our Home Selling System

Think all real estate firms are cut from the same mold? We never liked to run with the herd. That's why our agents average 2x the number of yearly sales as the big firms' agents.

Instant Cash Offer

Skip the hassle of listing and sell your home instantly on the schedule that works for you.

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Listing Launch

We deploy our world-class marketing machine, exposing your home to thousands of qualified buyers.

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Guaranteed Sale

Skip the stress of finding your next home in time and choose your move-out date.

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How Does the Vantage West Home Selling System Work?

...it starts with you. You want to sell your home. We want to sell your home too - so far so good. But why Vantage West and not someone else? Whether you're selling a condo or a waterfront estate, teaming up with Vantage West means you'll receive un-paralleled service every time. We know that not all sellers have the same needs, that's why we go beyond the traditional role of realtors to bring you something much more unique: a consultative approach to managing your equity.

Our industry experience and financial expertise will advise you on exactly when and how you ought to be selling. Once we've pinned down a good strategy for approaching the market, you flip the switch and our marketing team will develop a customized marketing plan to put your listing in front of as many buyers as possible.

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The Vantage West Advantage

Active rather than passive marketing techniques, highly dedicated agents, and a willingness to transcend the roles traditionally expected from a realty firm have all played a part in propelling Vantage West to phenomenal success in the seven short years since it was founded. Underlying all this is perhaps the most innovative aspect of our firm: The Team Dynamic.

Our agents and associates are like the highly specialized organs in a body, working synergistically with one another to ensure that every listing we promote is treated with the same level of care and attention to detail. We've seen how the “other guys” do it and it's simply not our priority to become the biggest office with the most agents.

Instead, we are interested in cultivating a sleek and highly effective group of like-minded agents willing to work together as a team with one common goal permanently etched in our minds: bringing value to you, our client. The entire Vantage West team is trained to uphold our uncompromising standard of service as part of our core philosophy, but it's the unique talents, skills, and personalities possessed by each and every one of our team members that makes what Vantage West does truly exceptional.

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Vantage West Realty

Selling a home is a critical decision that's not to be taken lightly. You've spent years paying into your investment and now you need to get the most out of it. From competitively pricing the home to setting up a comprehensive marketing strategy, there's a lot that goes into a sale to make it successful—something that each and every one of our Kelowna real estate agents know very well. You deserve an agent who's 100% focused on taking your listing to the next level.

Our Dedicated Support Staff

Behind the scenes, Vantage West is blessed to have a dedicated support staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes making all the magic happen. We're so proud of their efforts we wanted to brag a little.

Your Client Care Specialist: Handles transaction details, coordinates showings and provides feedback to you as a client. Basically, they take care of the nitty-gritty details and are always ready to answer your concerns. Sometimes, peace-of-mind means knowing that things are under control… feels nice doesn’t it?

Your Marketing Specialist: Ensures all our promotional material and content are first class before putting them in front of thousands of pairs of eyes each day. Their aim is not only to increase exposure for your listing, but to hone in on the most qualified buyers.

Lead Coordinator Provides lightning-fast responses to all inquiries, sets up appointments and follow-up for our sales agents. You and your home matter to us, and proper communication is critical when the stakes are this high. Vantage West take this seriously because your win is our win as well.

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Making Your Home Look Its Very Best

Professional Photography – High quality, impactful photos are a must as they are your front line in making an impact on a potential buyer. A picture is worth a thousand words and we make sure that when it comes to selling your home, the right words are chosen.

Video – If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video might be worth a thousand pictures given how much more visually engaging they are. With the technology at our disposal, it's no longer acceptable that any potential buyer cannot easily access a virtual tour of your listing no matter where in the world they might be.

Staging – It's no secret that the arrangement of a room can really change how the space is perceived. Studies have proven that staged properties sell faster and for more money – our home stager knows exactly what has to be done to make your home rise above the rest.

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A Few of Our Proven Tactics Creative Home Selling Strategies

This is where we pull out all the stops and use every tool in our belt to bring you the best price for your home in the least amount of time possible. Click here for the low-down on selling using the Rent to Own technique

Diligent Tracking – Who likes stats, graphs, and endless data? No, it's not a sarcastic question. Vantage West loves data, since knowing, storing and analyzing market information helps us sell your house, it's literally our business to monitor market activity right down to the smallest detail. Attention to detail makes all the difference in marketing your property. Mastery of the written word in well crafted ads, knowing all the right places to give your home exposure and top quality, high resolution, professional photography compels buyers to contact our agents.

Web Marketing: Nowadays, the first showing of your home will most likely take place online. Vantage West has, beyond any competitor, taken advantage of digital networks, allowing us to aggressively promote your real estate property to the whole world. Our detailed tracking systems keeps you in the loop by showing you how much online traffic your property is getting and where that traffic is coming from.

For our efforts, monthly impressions for Vantage West listings have been tracked to well over 500,000. We've invested heavily to ensure our web presence is second to none, utilizing in excess of 100 sites and a vigorous Search-Engine-Optimization campaign to ensure your Kelowna home is viewed on the computer screens of interested buyers across the globe.

After all, 9 out of 10 buyers will shop online while trying to find their perfect home. Our web presence goes hand-in-hand with our high-quality television and print-ads, while we also run aggressive marketing campaigns to our network of top agents both locally and throughout the continent.

We call our methodology active marketing, and while it's perhaps unfair to call what our competitors do passive, we are confident in the unequivocal assertion that our marketing strategy is, well; simply much more active. Finally, a real estate team with an intentional plan centered around you, the seller! This is how full service real estate was meant to be.

The Vantage West Home Selling System is comprised of innovative marketing techniques fine-tuned through years of field testing, and made possible by a group of highly skilled professionals commanding cutting edge technology, seamlessly working together for one reason alone: To sell your home for as much money as possible in the shortest period of time while offering you the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

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