We hear headlines like the central Okanagan home values are up 8.5% year over year and that’s great, but which neighborhoods in Kelowna are driving that appreciation? Which neighborhoods are performing well above the regional average? Whether you’re an investor looking to buy in the hottest little pocket or just a homeowner curious to know how your neighborhood stacks up, this little comparison should be of interest to you.

Before we jump into the top 5 growth neighborhoods, here is a bit of context to give you a frame of reference. The bottom 5 neighborhoods only appreciated by between 4% and 10%.

OK and now for the list. You will note that the top 3 are essentially in a 3-way tie and at 23% price growth. A couple tenths of a percent can be swayed…

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With the first half of the year on the books, I wanted to summarize where we are at during these interesting times.

The Desire for Investment Properties Is Staggering

As you might expect with two years in a row of double digit property value growth in the Okanagan, and the headlines that go with it, we have seen the number of properties purchased for investment increase by 40 percent. This is a combination of baby boomers looking to augment their retirement income and out-of-towners catching wind that Kelowna’s market is in the full swing of a real estate boom and looking to get a piece of the action.

Now not all real estate investments in Kelowna have performed equally. Some have…

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