1425 McCurdy Rd home for sale

You cannot go wrong with this absolutely jaw-dropping property. It’s located at 1425 McCurdy Rd and has all the potential you could ever want for a home in the country. It’s situated in a very quiet area where you’ll be lucky to hear your neighbors. This gorgeous property has spectacular views of the lake and would be ideal for large families or those who want to invest in farming or even wineries.

About the 1425 McCurdy Rd

This breathtaking luxury home was built in 2009 and features some incredible amenities. It has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, along with a one-half bathroom. With two stories to work with, it’s incredibly spacious and boasts open floor plans with large windows that allow in warm, natural lighting. 5 garages will ensure that you…

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Selling your Kelowna home in the fall

You've likely heard the same advice time and time again when it comes to selling your Kelowna home. Rumour has it that spring and summer are the best times to put your home up on the market. If you've received this suggestion from friends, family, or even real estate agents, don't be quick to place blame; those are excellent seasons to sell. But the warmer months are far from being the only good time to put your home up for sale. As well, when it comes to real estate recommendations, you have to remember that advice is rarely one-size-fits-all.

While May might have been the best time for your co-worker to sell, November could be the best moment for you. With plenty of industry experience under our belts, we can say with confidence that in some…

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