Does Home Staging Work? Is it Worth the Additional Effort and Cost? The technical definition of home staging is the design process of de-personalizing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale. This is often achieved by reducing clutter, visually creating more space and hiding/eliminating negative challenges in the home. The practical definition is a method of giving your home that “WOW” factor to potential buyers who view your home. Come on… be honest… look at the 2 pictures below and tell me which one draws you in? A picture is worth a 1000 words so… what 1000 words does your home have to say? Whether it’s the home you’re currently living in or a vacant home, staging is a great way to engage the average buyer helping them to envision the use of space within the home and seeing themselves living there. Why do you suppose home builders foot the bill for a show home to be tastefully furnished? Hmmm… I wonder! BEFORE AFTER Home Staging 

The Benefits of Home Staging.

The ultimate goal of staging your home is to help it sell quickly and for the most amount of money by appealing to the largest amount of prospective buyers and ensuring the home is showing better then your competition. Staging focuses on improving your home’s potential by transforming it into a 'neutral' property with visual appeal. The way we live in our home can be completely different than that of a potential buyer. Staging creates a living space buyers can "see" themselves calling home, similar to how model home displays are presented. Staging also helps create an environment that will lead a buyer's eye to the home's attractive features, while minimizing its flaws. Many home sellers and Real Estate professionals agree staging is a practical first step prior to selling any home, especially since the cost of staging a home is usually much less than the increased selling price often achieved from a professionally staged home. Here are the 7 Main Benefits of Staging a Home. 1. Faster sales time. 2. Higher sales price – Staged homes sell for an average of 5% more money than those which are not. This could mean an extra $20,000 in your pocket for a $400,000 home. Think that’s worth it? 3. Staged homes appeal to a broader range of buyers. 4. Buyers feel staged homes are well maintained. 5. Building inspectors view staged homes as well cared for. 6. Staged homes often get better appraisal values. 7. Professional image – Staged homes look better in flyers and on websites. Nearly 98% of prospective buyers “shop” online before ever contacting a Realtor, which means homes shown on the MLS must be in top selling condition as a necessary first step in creating buyer interest!. Bottom line… you want to sell your home as quickly as possible for as much money as possible with as little aggravation as possible. We are here to help you find and implement the necessary strategies to accomplish these goals.

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