Are You Thinking of Making an Offer on Real Estate in the Okanagan?

Buying real estate in Kelowna is a fun and exciting journey, but it can also be daunting and confusing and if not done properly, not to mention costly. Prior to making an offer on a piece of real estate you have likely done a fair amount of the legwork, including:

  • Researching the best area of town for you and your family to get the most out of your new home.
  • Evaluating your potential options relative to the current market conditions so you’re confident you are not paying too much.
  • Pre-qualifying for financing so you feel confident of how much you can spend to live within your means.
  • Finding the lowest interest rate and most flexible financing option so you aren't locking into restrictive conditions or are wasting any hard earned money on excessive interest payments.
  • Brushing up on your negotiation skills, as this alone can save you thousands.
  • Securing the proper documents and legal counsel.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help 

If you are just starting the home buying process or don't feel you have adequately covered the steps above, you may want to consider chatting with a real estate professional who has safely walked with numerous families before you to settle into their new home. Consistent with our Mission Statement, every REALTOR® at Vantage West Realty strives to continually make it "All About You." We see the value in building long-term relationships through helping you find your dream home at the best price while guiding you safely through the often twisty maze of house buying.

Once we've helped you narrow the choices to your "winner" and determined appropriate value, one of our qualified Real estate agents will walk with you through drafting an offer to purchase. This is a very important step in the home buying process. Using a professional agent or REALTOR will ensure you are protected while keeping your financial best interest in mind while effectively communicating your offer to the seller and seller's real estate agent on your behalf. This benefit alone brings great peace of mind and assurance to most home buyers.

About The Conditions

All our Vantage West REALTORS® are more than capable to assist you in generating an offer to protect your interests with terms and conditions specific to your needs and goals. "Conditions" to an offer are added to allow yourself as a home buyer to further do due diligence on the property of your choice while adding some assurances another buyer cannot come in and swoop it away from you. It also allows you a back-door option to get out of the purchase if some of your further investigation doesn’t pan out as hoped. Thus to fully protect you it is crucial these "conditions" are carefully crafted to ensure the outcome is to your full satisfaction.

An offer without "conditions" is known as a firm offer, while one with conditions is called a "conditional offer". Some of the more typical conditions that might be placed on an offer are:

  • Subject to financing approval
  • Subject to the buyer's house selling
  • Subject to an approved home inspection

About The Offer

Your Vantage West professional will walk you through the terms and conditions specific to your current situation to best protect your interests. After your offer is presented, the seller may accept your initial offer, reject it or present a counter-offer. If a counter-offer is made, this offer could differ from your original offer with respect to price, conditions, the closing date or any other item.

Offers can be countered back and forth between the two parties until either you both come to a mutual agreement or one party rejects the proposal, ending the negotiations. Your Vantage West sales professional will spear-head this entire process and always be available to answer any of your questions or to further explain the process of making an offer so you are comfortable with all the steps involved. Their knowledge and negotiating skills will be at your disposal to ensure you arrive at the best price possible on your new home while enjoying the journey along the way.

Buying Real Estate In kelowna, BC?

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