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My little one bedroom condo had become a little cramped not to mention the strata in my building voted in favor of becoming a 55 plus building, I am 28. I had made the decision to purchase a house with a bit of property. I had my condo on the market for 8 months to no avail, my realtor was working hard, but prices had fallen and if I reduced any further, I wouldn’t have any equity to purchase the house. He came to me with a solution, He had found a house seller in a similar situation, they too had been on the market for over 6 months, their house was sitting empty costing them thousands each month. They took my condo at a price that left me just enough equity to make the move and do a few renovations. Win/Win

We decided to build our first new home project, back in late 2007 when there seemed to be no end in sight, 6 months later when we finally finished our beautiful project in upper mission, things had changed, other builders were running for cover and my realtor gave us the stats on the out of whack supply and the miniscule demand, we forged ahead anyway sure that a buyer would appreciate the quality and attention to detail, 3 months later and 15k in carrying costs we still had no offer. Enter trade this house, we ended up taking on a condo worth 200k less than our home, upon closing, we had gotten our original money back from the build (our life savings) we no longer had a 5k/mo builders mortgage and we were free to move on to other endeavors. It was a small compromise to take on the condo that with a good tenant in place, completely covers itself, we look at it like a holding tank for our profit. ~Tim and Lucia M. West Kelowna, BC

When my girlfriend and I decided to move in together, my condo was no longer big enough, mostly because of all the closet space I suddenly required. My condo unfortunately had gone down in value just enough that I wouldn’t have had the necessary equity to move up to a house. Tradethishouse.ca was able to trade my condo at a price that allowed me to buy a big beautiful house. It was the perfect solution to our problem. ~Adam H. Kelowna, BC

Our old house in Lake Country had sat on the market for nearly a year. We had recently built a new one and moved into it. Carrying both was a challenge. We had reduced the price as far as we were willing to go and still no offers. Tradethishouse matched us up with a 1 bed condo owner and we each bought each others property. We got almost all of our money out of the house and the little condo’s mortgage is less than half of what we had. We may just end up keeping it as a little investment property! Getting the equity out of our house sure made for a good summer! ~Ryan P, Winfield, BC

Hi, A&N Vantage West are #1 in my books! They worked very hard on my behalf and secured an excellent trade for my home. I wanted to sell my rancher in Peachland and move into downtown Kelowna. They were able to locate a penthouse condo in an award winning, 1 yr old building (Martin Lofts) only 2 blocks from where I work.. I used a couple of other realtors before but none were able to make the trade happen the way these guys did. They are also very professional and take time to get to know their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to make a trade. ~Dale Lockhart, Peachland BC

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Vantage West gets you what you want. ~Adam

They were transparent from the beginning, they didn’t try and hide anything which we really liked. ~Heather

We were able to text them and I think it’s easier to shoot someone a short text then to set up a meeting if you have questions about anything. ~Jenny

The Vantage West Realty Group’s team effort definitely stood out to me. There were different people carrying out different tasks and it made the whole process very efficient. Work with them and get ready for a positive experience. ~Mark

N Vantage West Realty Group fit the bill perfectly for what I was looking for in a Realtor. He was aggressive and always good for his word. He really knows the real estate industry and can spot a good deal. I would recommend him strongly.~Mike

The Vantage West Realty Group really knows what they’re talking about. They’re sharp, on top of their game, and give good suggestions. You can benefit from my great experience and work with them!~Ron

Our home sold in 2 days and never even made it to the listings. Vantage West Realty typically has a good pool of clients that are looking for houses and he had 2 clients walk through and the second ended up buying it. It was so quick! They had a stager come through and give me tips to get it showable and market ready so I was very happy about that!~Greg

Our home sold within 4 days of it being formally listed and we had a backup offer 2 days afterwards. They really know what they’re talking about and did a wonderful market analysis. The pricing on the property was great and everything was just a piece of cake! We’ll be using him again next year to sell another property we have!~Kim

What I liked about working with Vantage West Realty is that they’re always upfront, truthful, and Aj, our agent, would always tell us if he thought it was a good deal or not. It was always consistent and you always know what you’re going to get. Aj communicated well and got back to us in a timely manner.~Scott

Jeff Anderson was my sales representative and he was incredibly organized and methodical in the way he approached the deal. He got his paperwork in on time, as he suggested, and everything went very smoothly!~Alan

When we walked in we expected to go in and try to do a rent-to-own program but they were able to find us a mortgage broker that was able to help us get a mortgage. They look at our numbers and talked with us about our options and they were just helpful from step 1. I was in Mexico the final week before closing and he really made sure that I had everything done before I left and organized all my paperwork for me while I was out of county. He was always there for us!~Cody

Everything was so fantastic! They really bent over backwards to provide for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor! He would come and pick me up and take me to whatever property I was interested in, if it wasn’t what I thought we would go around the surrounding areas and totally exhaust it before we gave up. He really just went above and beyond!~Andrew

We had a good experience. My house was sold quickly so I was pretty happy about it. They let me know every time there was a showing and it was all really good!~Dawson

We were working with Jeff from Vantage West Realty and I thought that the whole experience was very good. We had heard about him because he was sold a house to my son and then he came to us with a deal. We decided to go for it and ended up taking the bid out of 7 so we got great results. He represented us through the situation and he really followed up with things that I needed to know about the purchase. Even after the deal, we’re going to grab lunch next week which I think is pretty cool!~Andre

Vantage West helped us sell our home and buy a new one. They made sure that we got to see all the properties we wanted, even though that took up a lot more time. We really appreciated that we got to see all our options!~Wayne

He was a great Realtor. I got pretty much everything that I wanted. I had to find a place within a three month period of time, and almost every single day, I went looking for houses with him. I would say he went above and beyond every single day!~Kelly

Everything was good. They were very helpful. Jerry did a good job. We had to finalize the deal within two weeks, and he worked hard on his end to make sure everything went through. He got it done!~Nick