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The market is rapidly changing, get Central Okanagan stats delivered monthly to your inbox. kelowna highlights PrivevsInventory cmhc inventories at historic lows where buyers from smallproperty type smallfamily dynamic small how financed small where purchased small     List price vs Sale price (negotiating for sellers) Strong negotiating is of paramount importance when choosing a realtor as this directly affects your bottom line. CMHC reports that in recent years, the average home sold for 94.01% of the asking price. A strong emphasis on the development of negotiation skills and a commitment to proper pricing has enabled Vantage West listings to sell for 97.6% This translates to an average of $12,500 more in our clients pocket. Purchase price vs List price (negotiating for buyers) The very same negotiating skills go to work for you when buying a home, Vantage west buyers have benefited from being able to buy homes at an average of 92.04% of list price. This is 2% better than the industry average. We are proud to show how this translates to an approximate $10,000 in additional savings. [/layout]