Your Kelowna Home Sold in 29 Days...or WE WILL BUY IT.

Trapped in real estate limbo? Are you anxiously trying to sell your present home before taking possession of your new residence? With the Vantage West Guaranteed Home Sale Program, you can list your home today, knowing for certain, that it will be sold and off your hands within a 29 day period... period. Vantage West Realty is able to offer you a 29 Day Guarantee because we have a proven sales system that works. The guarantee is just how we turn our faith in ourselves into a better offer for you.

Think that sounds too good to be true? We can do even better.

"In order to doubly protect you, if after we mutually agree on the guaranteed price, I am able to sell your home for more money than the guaranteed price, YOU get the higher price, not me."

-AJ Hazzi, Realtor & Founder of Vantage West Realty.

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How Does the Guaranteed Sale Program Work?

Quite simply, if your home doesn't sell in 29 days or less, we'll provide you with a guaranteed written offer on the 29th day of your listing. After accepting the guaranteed sale price, the closing date is either 120 days after the date you sign or one we mutually agree upon. You want to sell fast. We as REALTORS® can certainly sympathize. But where many before had to face this emotional and financial juggling act on their own, with no assurance their homes would sell quickly, we make it so you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that the Vantage West Realty Team has the motivation to get your home sold NOW.

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Take Charge of Your Home Sale Today with Our Guaranteed Sales Program CALL US NOW AT 250-717-3133 to learn more or contact us to see if you qualify for our 29 day guaranteed home sale program. We look forward to hearing from you. * Disclaimer: The Guaranteed Home Sale Program is exclusive to the Vantage West Realty Home Selling System. In order to qualify, your home must be listed for sale with Vantage West Realty Kelowna. Be sure to contact us about any restrictions that apply to the Guaranteed Home Sale Program. Closing dates of qualifying homes that do not sell within 29 days are either 120 days after signed 29 day guarantee or a date mutually agreed upon by both parties. As I'm sure you can understand, not all properties qualify. Vantage West Realty Kelowna holds sole rights to determine property qualification requirements. All guaranteed homes sales are through Vantage West Realty Kelowna. This guaranteed sales program is not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale.