Selling your Kelowna home in the fall

You've likely heard the same advice time and time again when it comes to selling your Kelowna home. Rumour has it that spring and summer are the best times to put your home up on the market. If you've received this suggestion from friends, family, or even real estate agents, don't be quick to place blame; those are excellent seasons to sell. But the warmer months are far from being the only good time to put your home up for sale. As well, when it comes to real estate recommendations, you have to remember that advice is rarely one-size-fits-all.

While May might have been the best time for your co-worker to sell, November could be the best moment for you. With plenty of industry experience under our belts, we can say with confidence that in some cases, fall is an absolutely fantastic time of year to make a wicked good sale. Here are four great reasons why.

Prime Time Before Winter

Kelowna can get quite chilly in the winter. The low temperatures, combined with low daylight levels, and busy work schedules make it a less-than-perfect time for buying and selling (though don't write winter off completely). However, there's no denying that the fair weather of spring and summer play a big role in why they're considered to be the ideal seasons for selling. Luckily, fall in Kelowna retains some of the best characteristics of those warmer seasons. While the weather is turning brisker and light snowfall can come into play, bright, clear days are fairly common and the festive atmosphere keeps spirits high. Fall foliage is always a bonus for curb appeal and enhances the general mood. If you're looking to make a sale in the near future, you'll have a lot of luck by listing in the fall rather than putting it off until winter sets in.

Buyers Are Back To Their Daily Routines

Fall has the ability to snap us out of our summer daydreams and get us back to reality. While this can be disheartening for some, fall is also an exciting time that symbolizes new beginnings, increased productivity, and for many families, the start of a fresh school year. This means that the weeks leading up to fall can often be hectic and busy as people try to get their lives organized. Buyers who didn't find their dream home before school started may have put off their search temporarily while academic matters were attended to. However, once fall is in full force, things tend to settle down a little. This time of year is even a slower-paced season for many businesses. While holidays and other obligations may come into play, many people have their schedules back on track and have resigned to a steady, sustainable routine. This means that you may have a light boost in interest from prospective buyers. Not to mention that you'll have less competition, which leads us to our next point.

Remaining Buyers Will Be Extra Motivated

Buyers who just started searching for a home in the fall, or who didn't manage to find a suitable home during the spring and summer will be motivated to make a deal. If you prep your home well for the sale, it will be one of the more appealing properties on the market. This, along with the fact that you'll have less competition from other sellers, gives you some flexibility in terms of negotiation and increases the likelihood of you having several excellent offers to choose from. In this mini seller's market, you'll have a unique upper hand.

You'll Have The Undivided Support Of Professionals

If you're worried that putting your home up on the market in the fall is a bit of a gamble, worry not. We know that selling your home can be time-consuming and even stressful. However, if you work with market experts like the team at Vantage West Realty, you'll not only increase your chances of selling at a great price point, you'll take a lot of the administrative work off of your plate. We'll handle the legwork, help you get your home market-ready, and assist you with targeting the right buyers in your property's marketing. We'll bear the burden of paperwork and will be there to handle any questions or concerns you might have. If you're ready to learn more, give us a call today at 1-250-717-3133.

Connect with Vantage West Realty and learn even more about selling your Kelowna home — no matter what time of year it is.

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