AJ Hazzi

5 Star Reviews


AJ Hazzi, REALTOR® & Founder, Associate Broker

★★★★★ There is only one group to buy or sell real estate in the Kelowna area. Aj Hazzi and his team are light years ahead of the rest of the competition. Thank you for all of your help! - Ryan Young

★★★★★ My wife and I have built and sold several several properties in Kelowna since 1978. Some purchase/selling experiences were positive and a few not so much. Our latest home was listed via traditional real estate methods for over 10 months without a completed offer and sale. This home was located in a tranquil and upscale development in Kelowna and for the life of us, we could not understand why it had not sold. We had heard about Vantage West Realty 7 day guaranteed sale program and while we had some difficulty believing it could actually work, we decided to try a different approach and list with AJ and his team. This experience was above and beyond anything we had previously experienced. The Vantage West marketing and advertising program far surpassed our expectations; professional brochures, photos, 360' videos and descriptive accounts of our property. Within the first few days of listings we had several viewings and on the evening of day 6, AJ called to advise us that an offer had been presented. After considering the offer and countering a deal was very quickly agreed upon.” We highly recommend the Vantage West Team to anyone wanting a real estate transaction with a quick and positive outcome. In closing, we express our sincere gratitude to AJ and the team at Vantage West. In our opinion, they are truly the best in the industry! - Fred Cave

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