Sales Consultant, Partner

Eric Jedidi

Eric Jedidi, Sales Consultant, Partner

Eric is a Sales Consultant and Partner at Vantage West Realty. His career began in Pricing, Financial Modeling, Asset Valuation, Economic Analysis and Acquisitions. This is where he learned to assess large projects, utilize economic theories and knowledge to analyze investments, and developed excellent business acumen. While working in Finance, Eric started purchasing, renovating and converting single family homes into duplexes as a hobby. This evolved into a passion for real estate, leading Eric to obtain his real estate license, followed by his Broker’s license with one goal in mind: revolutionize real estate with sound analysis using a consulting approach. The unique combination of construction, financial knowledge and analytical skills that Eric brings has allowed him to help countless investors grow and optimize their real estate portfolios in Southern Ontario. 

Growing up on an island in a remote area of northern Finland gave Eric a life-long taste for outdoors and adventures, leading him to move to Kelowna and join the Vantage West family. In his spare time, Eric and his partner enjoy exploring some of the most secluded areas in North America, summer and winter camping, canoeing, off-roading, photography and renovating properties. As a world citizen with a decade of experience in real estate and investment, Eric brings his clients a wealth of sound financial, economic, real estate and business knowledge.

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