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It's that time again for us to find the next great partners to meet the growing demand. Learn about our game-changing model, our inside sales department and how our agents sell on average of 37 homes each per year and still have a life.

If you are already licensed and think a full service all-star atmosphere and winning culture might be for you, or if you are in the process of taking your course, you owe it to yourself to spend an hour learning about the real estate office of the future! We were over capacity at our last event so RSVP quick. Max 25 people.

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Next Career Night

  • November 13, 2019 6:30pm


The Seven Major Threats To Peak Production

  1. No system for generating leads.
  2. Difficulty weathering the emotional highs and lows.
  3. Not standing out amongst the competition.
  4. Lacking structure and time management.
  5. The inability to manage cash flow.
  6. Not acquiring the skills that the market requires.
  7. Lack of consistency on an ongoing basis.



The Culture - Our culture is one of abundance and positivity, everyone sharing best practices, supporting one another and growing together. This is an environment like no other; you can literally feel the difference when you step into our office.

Leverage - Assembled as a super firm, Vantage agents have support staff in place to leverage their time, so that they can spend their days doing the highest dollar productive activities. Inside sales, marketing, client care, and a field coordinator handle all the transactional details.  The result is focus

Leads - Vantage West's comprehensive client acquisition plan generates hundreds of inbound leads each month, these are then converted to appointments by our Inside sales agents, and distributed to our agents, we guarantee a steady supply of leads and appointments every month.

No expenses -  Vantage West Agents operate without expenses, period.  Not having the pressure of a looming office bill and mounting advertising expenses allows our consultants to be at their best at all times and to always put the clients first

Training - Truly the cornerstone of our organization, Vantage agents spend 3 hours a week sharpening their skills. Constantly striving towards Mastery, we have without question the most comprehensive skill development in the industry. Effective communications, negotiations and peak producers referral training are ongoing.

Purpose - Our common purpose is to uphold the license of a Realtor to the highest standard in professional services. Comparable to a doctor's office or a law firm, Vantage agents are pushing the industry and changing the public perception of the industry. We are able to articulate our value, deliver the value and earn the highest compensation in the industry

Investment - Making a great living in real estate is only half of the promise of this industry. Our office has become the most prominent real estate Investment consulting firm, specializing in all types of Investment real estate, and we practice what we preach. We promote and train on ways for our agents to grow their own portfolios and passive cash flow so they can work from a place of joy rather than necessity.

Lifestyle - We strongly believe that you must take breaks and recharge your batteries in order to get the most out of yourself and your life. We are about creating the opportunity for an agent to work a reasonable number of hours, have control of their schedule and take multiple holidays every year. Counterintuitively; as a result, we sell more real estate.

Systems - Developed by one of North America’s leading real estate systems trainers, Michael Plowman, Our director of operations , we have world class buyer and seller systems that produce results and make it  possible to  predict and grow  your income.

Support and Accountability - This is the complete antithesis of the sink or swim environment, we have management and senior partners to support you wherever needed. Goal setting and weekly one on one coaching is only a small part of what's offered for support. The culture of the group provides that unspoken accountability that everyone needs to succeed at the highest levels in business. 


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